What We Offer Bringing Communities and Citizens together

Bringing People Together

We all live in communities but we often don't know our neighbours or the people down and around the corner from us. With MySnowAngel, we make it incredibly simple to understand who in our community needs help. And we can feel great by pitching in to help those in need.

By building stronger connections within our neighbourhoods, our communities, and our cities, we all win and we all contribute to making these communities strong and vibrant.

Municipal and Community Program Involvement

City of Calgary, Calgary Regional Partner municipalities, and community associations all run a varienty of volunteer-based programs. By connecting all of these stewards to the activities happening in their communities, they can improve and tailor their programs to achieve greater community benefit. Also, by sharing these insights, more collaborative solutoins between these stewards becomes possible.

Saving the Environment and making it Safe

Something a simple as shoveling a walk helps the environment. We no longer need harsh or environmentally harmful chemicals to deal with sidewalks left uncleaned too long. We may also achieve reductions in greenhouse gases because use of snow blowers may be reduced.

How many times have you slipped or seen someone slip on an icy sidewalk? Clean sidewalks help everyone get where they want to go safely.

Program Analytics

Many of the decisions that stewards make regarding these programs are often influenced by economics. By providing more information to stewards and decision makers in all CRP communities, we can make informed decisions about the effectiveness of our programs and where we need to spend our finiancial resources.

MySnowAngel will always allow requesters and good samaritans to use the system for free. Stewards will register and have subscriptions that allow them access to the program analytics that are provided by MySnowAngel.com.

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